The “Social” Olympics

Submitted by: Christine Pileckas, Marketing Manager

One of the main stories (or controversies) surrounding the XXX Summer Olympics has been the fact that it’s the first “Social” Olympics. With NBC airing each days main events in a tape delay, the majority of fans hear the results before ever having the chance to watch it firsthand. And, as with anything new, fans have not hesitated to voice their feedback, both negative and positive.

Sure, the presence of social media brings good and bad with it, but as someone in a position where social media is an integral part of my job, I think the social aspect has enhanced the fan experience during the Olympics. Social media has made fans feel so connected to their favorite athletes and Olympians, all while being hundreds of miles away. Let’s use twitter as a main example: without twitter, would fans be able to follow their favorite Olympians and hear their reactions, see their pregame rituals, share their London experiences with them, or congratulate them directly on their performances?
Here’s a few of my favorite tweets from the Olympics so far:

After the United States defeated Canada in a grueling 122-plus minutes epic soccer match on August 6, forward Abby Wambach tweeted her reaction to the game. Michael Phelps tweeted pictures of himself and Allison Schmitt beginning the last workout of their careers together. Lebron James tweeted an instagram photo from the bus on the way to their game vs. France. Missy Franklin tweeted congratulations to fellow US Olympian Gabby Douglas after she won the Gold Medal.

I agree that hearing outcomes of events before being able to watch them yourself takes some of the fun and excitement out of the Olympic games, but with every bad comes some good. The connection social media has made between athletes, Olympians, coaches and fans has been a blast to follow and has made the XXX Summer Olympics much more enjoyable…in my opinion.

We’d love to hear your feedback as well – leave your comments and let us know what you think.


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