Meet the Team — Stacy Schraeder, Suites & Catering Manager

The second blog of our “Meet the Team” series features Stacy Schraeder, our Suites & Catering Manager.

Schraeder currently resides in the Riverside area of Wichita, but attended high school at Northwest.  She graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and later received a Teaching Certificate from Newman University. 

Teaching did not turn out to be Schraeder’s true calling, so she continued her work in the restaurant industry that had helped pay for college.  Working her way through several restaurant concepts and wearing many hats, from server to management, she traveled and trained the opening staff members of these restaurants.  Eventually she stayed in Wichita but ended her restaurant career as the Proprietor (General Manager) of Ted’s Montana Grill on Webb road and taking the position of Suites and Catering Manager at INTRUST Bank Arena.

As the Suites and Catering Manager, Schraeder continues to get a lot of variety in her work life. She is responsible first for the premium seat holders in the suites area.  Here she gets to help both the long-term owners of suites and the one-time renters with making food and beverage choices and overseeing the suites staff that will enhance the already exciting event experience.  The best part of being the Suites Manager is watching the guests give into the joy of seeing their favorite artist or team.

Additionally, Schraeder also is responsible for all catering provided when external businesses use INTRUST Bank Arena for a conference or meeting and much of the backstage catering, most recently the Nickelback tour.  Just as with the food and beverage in the suites, Schraeder works with the Executive Chef, Kasey Thexton, and the tour production managers to fulfill the “rider” and other food and beverage needs for the artists and their crews.  The best part of being the Catering Manager is the glimpse into the inner workings of an event.

Whether she is engaged with suite guests or a Live Nation promoter, Schraeder aspires for everyone to have an excellent experience of midwest hospitality and want to return again and again!


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