Wichita Thunder – CHL Finals Game Day Update May 3

Submitted by: Jason Mals, Director of Broadcasting – Wichita Thunder Hockey

Game 3 is here! It’s been three days since Wichita dropped into a two-game hole in the Finals. The team hit the ice this morning in hopes of getting back into it with a win tonight. The Holiday Inn we are at this trip is very nice and right across the street from the arena.

The team took its turn for a pre-game skate at 11 a.m. with a new addition to the roster. Scott Darling joined the team for the remainder of the Finals as an emergency back-up. He had finished his season in Mississippi of the SPHL and was in his hometown just outside of Chicago. Fort Wayne is only four hours away, so it was convenient for him to come back to the team. Darling was with the Thunder right after Ryan MacDonald decided to head to Europe in mid-January. He played in one game, but was released at the end of the month. Teams are allowed to add an emergency goalie during the playoffs and Coach McClelland brought him in just in case he was needed.

This is not going to be an easy task for the team to climb back from a two-game deficit, but I believe this team has the make-up of a group that can get it done. If you recall, Missouri won twice in Fort Wayne in the Turner Conference Finals and came back to win in seven games. This team has a ton of pride and I expect this to be their best showing of the Finals.

After practice, I helped Shane from KAKE-TV with the stuff he needed and then we went to lunch across the street from the hotel. He really enjoyed his experience filming the team during the Berry Conference Finals and is with us on the trip. This time around, he is not doing the behind-the-scenes look, but still does a great job covering the team. Hopefully, we will both have something positive to report back on after tonight’s huge game in Fort Wayne.


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