Wichita Thunder – CHL Finals Update from the Road May 2

Submitted by: Jason Mals, Director of Broadcasting – Wichita Thunder Hockey

It’s time for some rest! We arrived in Fort Wayne at 9am est. The bus stopped in a parking lot near a few different breakfast places. After the team got some food in them, we headed over to the arena to unload and have a morning skate. The media director for Fort Wayne met up with Shane Ewing and me to show him around the arena. The broadcast booth is seven stories above the playing surface, so they set up Shane in a media room on the main level so he could cut his highlights and have internet access. Once we were done doing that, we both took in practice for a bit. The guys seemed focused, a quiet confidence if you will. 

They know what is at stake starting tomorrow with the next two games here and possibly a third game if they can grab a win tomorrow. A possible Game 5 would happen on Monday evening. No matter what happens this week or next, it has been a fun ride this season. Seeing the guys battle through all kinds of adversity and still be the best team overall in the regular season is a great memory for me. It would be even sweeter if they can get this series back to Wichita and have a chance to hoist the Cup.

After practice was over, we headed to the hotel, which happened to be across the street from the arena. Back in March, we stayed at a hotel that was downtown. This time around, we are staying a few miles away at a very nice Holiday Inn. The hotel even provides a shuttle to the local mall. My roommate and I went over to the food court to eat and then stopped at a Game Stop. He brought his PlayStation with him, so this week we have something to keep us occupied during the down time. Most of the players find similar things like that to help keep them busy.

Tomorrow is another game day and an important one at that. I will be back after pre-game as the guys get ready for the third Game 3 of the post-season. Can the guys change the trend and stop their losing streak in Game 3s while also cutting the Fort Wayne lead to 2-1? We shall see…


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