Wichita Thunder – Update from the Road April 23

Submitted by: Jason Mals, Director of Broadcasting – Wichita Thunder Hockey

Its put up or shut up time as the guys get ready for Game 6. The team had an emotional win last Saturday and has given itself a chance to move on to the Finals if they can get a win tonight. I have never heard INTRUST so loud and it was really fun to be a part of. But all of that is in the past. Texas is outstanding in this building and it is going to take everything Wichita has to gut out a W.

We started out the day with the pre-game skate and some of the players tried to change things up afterwards, heading to a different lunch spot. During the playoffs, players are very superstitious and if something isn’t working, they try something new. Most were dropped off at Olive Garden and a few others headed back to the hotel to get some rest. I walked over to the strip mall area and grabbed a sandwich and enjoyed the beautiful weather down here in North Richland Hills, TX. After that, it was time to get some notes put together and get ready for what should be another tight game.

We loaded the bus and headed over a bit early for the game. The team is very focused on the way over and hopefully it will show on the scoreboard. Once we arrived at the arena, the guys headed to the dressing room to start getting into game mode. The ritual that most hockey teams in this league partake in is a game of one touch. There is a group of them that bring a soccer ball and they have to keep the ball from touching the floor. Due to the set-up of this arena, they head near the volleyball courts and find a free area to play that isn’t in the way of the many volleyball clinics that go on here. Well, we will have a recap after the game and hopefully it’s to let the fans know about the win and the team heading to the finals for the first time since 1997-98. Here we go!


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