Wichita Thunder – Update from the Road April 20

Submitted by: Jason Mals, Director of Broadcasting – Wichita Thunder Hockey

Today is the last day in North Richland Hills and I am sure the guys can’t wait to get back out on the ice to get that taste of defeat wiped clean. Wednesday’s loss was the first in the last four games and this group cannot stand losing. Eerily similar to the first series against Rio Grande Valley, Wichita dropped the first game on the road in the series, with Kevin Young scoring in each game and responded the next game to increase its lead to 3-1. Hopefully the guys can do that today.

A very focused group of guys jumped on the bus after breakfast and we headed over to the arena for pre-game skate. I believe a lot of them used their day off yesterday to recharge, whether it was watching a movie at the local theatre or sticking around the hotel. I spent time watching the NHL Playoffs as the Blackhawks lost again in OT. There is nothing better than this time of year for a hockey fan. Playoffs in the CHL and the NHL makes it so exciting and to be a part of it is so special.

The routine for getaway day is the same every time we are about to leave a city. The hotel grants us a late check-out and we use the afternoon to relax, grab something to eat and then head to the bus around 4:45-5pm, depending on where we are playing that night. The game tonight is at 7:30 p.m., so we will leave the hotel at 5:15 as Coach likes getting the guys in a normal routine of being there two hours before the game starts.

Game 5 is back home tomorrow, I will have more after the game with hopefully a happy group after a victory, but Texas is very good in this building and the guys are going to need to bring it their all tonight to get that advantage.


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