Here for a Good Time

Submitted by: Sarah Haertl, Director of Sales & Marketing

I ain’t here for a long time
I’m here for a good time.– George Strait, lyrics from Here For A Good Time
At INTRUST Bank Arena, we know our guests are here for a good time. This building was built to facilitate memories.
This was never more apparent than at the recent George Strait and Martina McBride concert. Pam Bugler, SMG Guest Services Manager, received an email in November regarding a George Strait fan who wanted to attend the February show, but due to health issues wasn’t going to make it.
I’m not gonna lay around and whine and moan
‘Cause somebody done, done me wrong… 
The email was from a friend of Fort Hays State University professor Garry (Doc) Brower, who is battling emphysema. Doc purchased tickets for his wife and son to see the show, but planned to stay at the hotel rather than attend the concert believing his oxygen bottle and slow pace would be an inconvenience. The friend wanted to know if we could help facilitate seating arrangements for Doc and his group so he could attend the show.

While making the request, the friend knew there was a chance Doc wouldn’t elude the illness long enough to make it to the show.

Every day I wake up knowing
It could be my last…

Doc Brower (pictured far right) with family and friends prior to the George Strait concert February 18

Pam and her staff got clearance from the tour to get Doc and his group into the building early to avoid the crowd with his oxygen tanks. His seats were located close to the First Aid room so the additional oxygen tanks could be stored in a safe location. Our guest services staff worked with EMS to bring the oxygen tanks to his seat to change them every hour so Doc wouldn’t miss even a minute of the show he wanted so badly to see.

I ain’t here for a long time
I’m here for a good time…

Doc and his group were incredibly appreciative of the effort made by the INTRUST Bank Arena team. The thank you card to Pam read: “Thanks a million for all you did to make the evening for Doc happen.”

I feel very privileged to work with people who go this far above and beyond their job description to make this Arena a place where memories are created.

There’s no way of knowin’ what tomorrow brings
Life’s too short to waste it, I say bring on anything…

May we all be so fortunate to have friends like Doc, and may we all be so fortunate to work with people who care enough about their jobs to go above and beyond expectations to help our guests create memories.

I ain’t here for a long time.
I’m here for a good time…


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