Guest Review: Winter Jam Tour

Submitted by: Adam Suderman, Kansas State University Student

I’ve had the privilege of attending Winter Jam now five different times. When the tour first announced that it would be going through Intrust Bank Arena in 2010, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work moving to a bigger arena. Every year since, fans have come in large quantities making Winter Jam one of the best concert experiences of the year. Intrust Bank Arena was rocking at a high rate from the very beginning.

 What I enjoy most about Winter Jam is how they are able to not only attract all interests within Christian music, but also serve to those who haven’t had the opportunity to bring faith into their lives. Whether it is hip-hop, rock or acoustic, Winter Jam has it all covered.    

I have had the experience to see Skillet in concert once before. Each year Winter Jam chooses a headlining act to finish off the night and Skillet did an unbelievable job. The raspy and more impressively powerful voice of lead singer John Cooper is one that you’ll never forget. The band is comprised of John’s wife, backup vocalist and guitar player Korey Cooper, guitar player Seth Morrison and drummer and backup vocalist Jen Ledger. What I didn’t understand before the night started is that I had not truly seen a Skillet show.

Skillet offers a unique twist to rock music with their additions of a cello and violin player. As their set began, a large black curtain dropped with Skillet written in big, bold silver letters. The cello and violin players came out dressed in full white suits as well as masks, giving it a “Phanton of the Opera” feel. After the two played the opening notes of “Whispers in the Dark”, the curtain dropped and the fun-filled madness was officially underway.

With numerous fireworks, fire torches and explosions, Skillet delivered not only a concert that will not soon be forgotten, but more importantly a positive message based within the Christian faith. In some situations, fans may wonder how Skillet’s hard rock style displays a Christian message, but all who attended will agree that it was an experience of a lifetime. Through the theatrics, John and his fellow band members don’t allow the message of Jesus Christ to sit to the side.

The message of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of Winter Jam and I can promise that a large percentage of all who were in attendance would agree that his presence was felt within the confines of Intrust Bank Arena. Here’s to a great event in 2012, hope to see it back in Wichita next year!


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