There’s no such thing as a free lunch…or is there?

Submitted by: Sarah Haertl, Director of Sales & Marketing

General Manager A.J. Boleski announcing the first annual Wichita Ribfest to the attendees of the free rib lunch

Is there anything scarier than planning a big event not knowing if anyone will show up? Thursday, INTRUST Bank Arena held a press conference to announce the 2012 Wichita Ribfest. We could have just sent out the news release and hoped for a couple of mentions in the media, but what fun is that? Since we are in the business of selling fun, we decided instead to throw a party, OK a luncheon, and invite the public to join us.

Great idea in theory… very scary in reality.

There are three possible outcomes to a situation like this:

1)      Nobody shows up. (My personal fear)
2)       Thousands of people show up and we run out of food. (General Manager AJ Boleski’s fear)
3)      It goes off without a hitch, the perfect number of people show up and everyone is happy. (I’m not sure anyone expected this.)

As we prepared for the luncheon, we ran the gamut of concerns. We held several planning meetings and staff briefings on the possible outcomes. We even had friends on stand-by in case we needed some bodies in the building.

In the end, the event came off flawlessly. The guests who joined us for the luncheon raved about Chef Kasey’s fixin’s and were very appreciative of the effort. I can’t say we will plan this type of event again. I’m not sure my stomach can handle the stress, but we definitely consider the press conference luncheon a home-run. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event.


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