The worst kept secret in town…

Submitted by: Sarah Haertl, Director of Sales & Marketing

INTRUST Bank Arena made a big concert announcement this morning and the public response seems to be: This isn’t news. We already knew Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were coming to town.

In the age of the internet with a constant stream of news on demand, the traditional practice of surprise concert announcements may be a thing of the past, but we keep trying because that’s what concert promoters want us to do.

In the case of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert, the band’s official website released tour dates, including Wichita, two weeks ago. The news spread quickly that INTRUST Bank Arena was included on the tour. Fans posted questions on our facebook and twitter pages asking why we weren’t confirming the show and why it wasn’t on our website.

To put it simply, we announce a show on the date we are given. This date is set by the promoter in conjunction with agents, managers and artists, and coordinates with radio, TV and print advertising and promotions in an effort to get as much bang for their advertising buck as possible.

We realize fans want as much information as quickly as they can get it. We hope fans realize we get them the information as soon as we can. Arenas all around the country face these same challenges.

The upcoming Bruce Springsteen tour is a great example. The “officially” announced tour features 31 shows, all of which are in Europe. Speculation on Springsteen fans sites includes an entire US tour with cities, dates and venues listed. (Unfortunately, Wichita is not currently on those speculative lists, but we are still hopeful.) Of course, none of these dates are confirmed and so much can change from the time a tour starts routing to the final schedule, but fans, myself included, are already checking flights and vacation schedules to see which shows will work. Would it be nice to have confirmation from the Arenas that these shows are actually going to happen? You bet, but I understand the industry and know that there are all kinds of maneuvers taking place behind the scenes that delay the official announcements of tour dates.

I guess the best promise we can offer you is that we will get you the information as soon as we can. We are just as excited about our upcoming events as you are and can’t wait to get shows announced so we can move to the next phase of our job, selling tickets.

More great shows are scheduled to announce in the next two weeks. Keep checking our facebook/twitter pages, our website and our blog for information. We promise you will be the first to know… unless the internet beats us to the punch!


2 thoughts on “The worst kept secret in town…

  1. I think the key would be not to make a big deal about a concert announcement everyone already knows about. Most people don’t realize that IBA didn’t make an official announcement about Tom Petty but everyone knows he’s coming…so when they hear “tune in for a concert announcement” they’re expecting something else. Something you have to deal with living in Wichita is all the complainers and whiners…which I’m sure you’re use to my now.

  2. More african americsn groups needed un this city. Its ridiculous what you guys are doing. I would like to get all the blacks in this city including firemen, police officers, doctors, lawyers, etc….together to remind u guys that there are african aneticans in this city that deserve a good concert as well! Guarantee the arena will be filled with caucasians because nowadays they to enjoy a kit if today and yesterdays black artist! Get it together concert promoters!

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