The eye-opening experiences of an Intern

Submitted by: Daniel Welden, Marketing Intern

My Marketing Internship at INTRUST Bank Arena has been educational and interesting.  There is a lot I’ve had the opportunity to see and learn about arena operations, event setup and marketing.  I think the general public does not realize the amount of work that has to happen in order for a show to occur.  I know I didn’t before my internship. 

Daniel Welden, Marketing Intern at INTRUST Bank Arena

My first eye-opening experience was for Disney On Ice presents Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3.  I was amazed to find out that it takes 3 days of people working around the clock just to put the ice down.  That’s not all, they also had truckloads of equipment that had to be brought in and setup.  I’m surprised that ticket prices were not double or triple what they sold for.  Throw in marketing, guest service, food preparation, security, ticketing and cleanup; the whole process is just insane.  I was most impressed with seeing how quickly and efficiently all the departments worked together in order for the show to come to life. 

Another side of INTRUST Bank Arena that was far different from what I expected was how shows are booked.  I originally thought that INTRUST Bank Arena would pick what show would come to the arena.  After working at the arena I learned that is not the case at all.  INTRUST Bank Arena management constantly reaches out to promoters of various shows and tries to get a wide array of shows to come to the arena.  Ultimately it’s up to the promoter on if they want to bring the show to the arena.    It’s not the arena that sets the ticket prices; it’s the promoter that sets them.

When it comes to my role of marketing a show, it far different from what I expected.  I thought there would be a general guideline of what needs to be done in order to effectively market a show.  While in most cases there is a lot of stuff we do for every show, I have found that every show is different with how the promoter wants the show to be marketed.  Sometimes we do very little in marketing a show and other times we lead the way.  Every day is different which makes for a new challenge every time I go to work, but it’s a good challenge that keeps you on your toes. 

Being a Marketing Intern for INTRUST Bank Arena has been an exciting and fascinating learning experience to say the least.  The arena is very focused on employee development and I truly appreciate the opportunity that they have given me to learn about this exciting industry.


2 thoughts on “The eye-opening experiences of an Intern

  1. Where can I find more information about internships offered at INTRUST Band Arena? The facility looks amazing and it sounds like you’re having a great experience.

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